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Introduction to John Ewbank's
Home Rule Globally Archive

This archive is a set of 31 articles and reports written by John R. Ewbank. His concepts for political home rule – globally – are the inspiration for the foundation that he organized and endowed, and which is responsible for this website. The political mission of Home Rule Globally is to promote the concept of subsidiarity on global basis. Another way to express this objective is "Decentralized World Federalism." This does not imply a federal government for the world similar to the one that so dominates and constrains the states and localities of the USA. Rather it envisions a hierarchy of self-governing jurisdictions where authority concerning any issue of public concern is vested in the smallest, least centralized, political unit capable of addressing that issue effectively.

The 31 documents are organized into 6 sections that appear on the menu to the left. The "Archive Summary" selection at the top of the menu provides thumbnail sketches for each of the 6 sections. That Summary is recommended as a way to get a quick overview of the archive.

The six document sections are listed below in the same order they appear on the menu at left.

I. Philosophical Reflections Related to World Government
  Five essays that reflect Ewbank's personal convictions about established authorities, constitutions, democratic self- government, servant leadership, and the roots of terrorism.

2. Reports on Subjects Relevant to HRG's Aspirations
  Seven reports, including a history, several discussions of topical issues, a book review, and a document by a victim of Nazi imprisonment.

3. Features that would Enhance a Federal Global Government
  Eight essays describing ideal prerequisites for a stable, democratic world government

4. Birthing a World Federation
  Four essays discussing the process of setting up a federal world government

5. HRG's Concepts for World Federation
  Four essays describing John Ewbank's vision for world government:

6 choosing a Global Constitution
   Three essays describing a "contest" that would select a global constitution:

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