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Choosing a Global Constitution
Three essays describing
a "contest" to select a global constitution

1. A Process to Midwife World Federation
  An illustrative set of rules to make the process of moving to a world federation acceptable to a broad enough base in the worldwide hierarchy of established power -- National, Provincial and Local -- so that the process will be peaceful, and any holdouts will be too few and too weak to seriously challenge the prospective process, or its outcome. Ewbank frames this process as a contest, and he calls it the "Contest Appraising World Federation."

2. Achieving Support for a Global Constitution
  This essay describes the "contest" as a gigantic educational and promotional campaign to engage the nations and the general public in the enterprise of selecting the constitution for world government. To achieve global support, Ewbank suggests that the contest and the campaign to publicize it must have a level of transparency and honesty unprecedented in typical political campaigns or international law.

3. Sponsorship Form
  A model "form" for use by a nation when endorsing a proposal entered in the prospective "CAWF" (Contest Appraising World Federation). This is illustrative rather than legal in its intent.

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