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Birthing a World Federation
Four essays discussing the process of
setting up a federal world government.

1. Launching a Global Federation
  While grand plans for world federation have been laid out many times, by "experts," Ewbank does not lay out any grand plan. Rather, in this essay he describes a process for developing such a plan -- a process open to inventiveness and replete with self-correcting mechanisms.

2. Global Reorganization Project
  This essay deals with administrative and financial management of a global constitution selection process. Ewbank assumes that the selection would be competitive, and therefore financing would be like the election campaign financing we already have experienced. To avoid "deep pockets" buying the outcome, he suggests a public financing model. This could be managed by reimbursing all legitimate contestants for their campaign expenditures up to mandated spending limits. Naturally, the administrators for this job would have to be selected with great care to assure integrity and transparency.

3. Mustering support for Global Government
  While Ewbank writes that an "overwhelming" degree of support from the world's nations will be required to launch a global federation, he cautions that every new administrative system inevitably faces start-up difficulties. Initial euphoria may turn to opposition. Anticipating this, patient and detailed preparation will be essential. Simple and self-correcting modes of regulating global affairs should minimize the inevitable initial difficulties -- and thereby win respect and increased support.

4. A Better Future for Humanity
  To prepare the ground for global federation, two ways of "simulating" supra-national government are discussed. One way is simply to talk about it in organized forums. Ewbank calls these; forums "talking circles," and suggests they begin by self-imposing rules to ensure fair debates and educated opinions. The second way would be a "pretend" world parliament. These simulations might seem abstract exercises except for the compelling reality that social and economic justice is gradually losing ground as globalization advances, and those of us who are concerned need to act now to lay the groundwork for greater justice in the future.

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