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Articles published in the newsletter of the Philadelphia Chapter of World Federalists
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●  In Memoriam - John Ewbank  Oct. 2012. – His obituary: provides a concise and readable account of John's life, travels, ideas, involvement with World Federalists, and his influence on those who knew him.
●  Servant Leadership  Sept. 2011. – Addresses this public relations conundrum: "The growing fear of world government – evident in western society's retreat from a concept that had been popular as WWII came to a close – is a consequence of our instinctive hostility to authoritarian domination."
●  Awakening Planetary Consciousness  April 2010 – A news article about the trip John and Marjorie took to India, where John delivered a speech to a symposium of the World Movement for Global Democracy stressing the need for a culture of servant leadership in any prospective democratic world government.
●  Constitutional Common Sense at the Global Level  May 2007 – A suscinct presentation of ideas for a global federal parliament where constituents at the grass roots will be more likely to feel like "participants," and less like futile pawns.
●  Are You A Global Constitutional Expert?  April 2006 – Brief reflections on proposals that might seem bizarre at first, but which, in fact, are perfectly practical ideas whose merits may not be widely appreciated until the predicted circumstances are staring us in the face.
●  The decentralist logic for a "Global Constitution Forum"  Sept. 2005 – Expands on this proposition: " The establishment in our country has promoted the myth that any nation having any kind of an election is a democracy. That is a truly dangerous myth."
Seventy Years as a
World Federalist

When WWII was coming to an end and people all around the world wanted a political framework to prevent any such war from happening again, the concept of World Federalism gained serious traction. Prominent perople such as those quoted on  this companion page , knew that global problems would need global solutions.

The Ewbanks were World Federalists from the outset. Articles by or about John appeared in the Philadelphia World Federalist Chapter newsletter from time to time. Six of the more recent ones are listed to the left, covering the period from 2012 back to 2005. Please click on any title to read the full newsletter article