Home Rule Globally


HRG's Organization and History

   Home Rule Globally, a tax-exempt foundation, was organized by John Ewbank in 1994 using funds that his sister had left for that purpose in her will. In its corporate charter John specified that all members of its board of directors should also be members of Abington Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) . His intention was that the foundation would function in relationship to the AMM Peace & Social Concerns Committee, and would report to AMM on its activities as part of the Peace and Social Concerns annual report. This did not work out as John had hoped, and to fill the board he began recruiting AMM members who were not on Peace and Social Concerns. The board subsequently changed the charter to allow Quakers from other meetings as well. Shortly before John died, in the spring of this year Tom Dwyer, who was then clerk of Peace and Social Concerns at Abington, agreed to join the board, leading to hopes that John's original vision for directing the foundation would be fulfilled in some measure.    The name "Home Rule Globally" suggests the focus that John and his sister had in mind for the use of the funds. Their idea was to support activists who are working for peace and related social concerns in any locale, globally, and particularly those who favor the principle of "subsidiarity." The import of that principle is that any public matter ought to be handled by the smallest, or least centralized authority capable of addressing the matter effectively. This "rule as close to home as possible" idea expresses the Quaker principle of simplicity, and it none-the-less allows that certain matters actually do need to be handled on a unified global basis. Consistent with that, John was an enthusiastic advocate of "decentralized world government."

    In recent years the HRG foundation has made grants to Quaker organizations, programs, individuals, and non-Quaker organizations that advance related principles John advocated such as "servant leadership," peacemaking, and world government.