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        Global Federation Needs "Overwhelming Support"

A sensible way to launch a global federation would be to attract voluntary support from governments all over the world and from their citizens as well. Broad enough support will have the "clout" required to assure a successful launch, and long term survival of the federation. Ewbank uses this phrase, "the overwhelming clout of the world," as a convenient label for the degree of support required. It refers to a level of support that can overcome skeptics, detractors and holdouts.

Global government is likely to feature a multi-chambered world parliament. A good way to attract and hold onto supporters would be to appropriately “weight” the voting within and among the chambers of the world parliament. A balanced system of weighting that would periodically adjust to changing global realities might conquer the world non-violently because all nations would feel their interests would continue to be fairly represented.

The great diversities among nations – plus diversities within many nations – create difficult hurdles to achieving broad support. Should enough support somehow be mustered to launch a global federation, those opposing federation could conceivably acquire far greater clout a few years afterward because of the inevitable difficulties every new administrative system faces. So in addition to abundant support going in, patient and detailed preparation will also be essential. The objective should be to plan and implement simple and self-correcting modes of regulating global affairs that will minimize those inevitable difficulties – and thereby earn respect and increased support.