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Choosing a Constitution

This article sets forth a detailed set of rules for a hypothetical contest to choose a world constitution. The rules here are illustrative, concerned with how to make the transition to world federation acceptable to a broad enough base – including the worldwide hierarchy of established powers: national, provincial, local, commercial, institutional...etc. – so that that process will be peaceful, and any opponents will be too few and too weak to seriously upset the prospective transition.

After describing how the contest might proceed, illustratively setting forth a variety of quantitative measures designed to ensure broad acceptance, Ewbank identifies three proposals for World Federation that have been put forth by prominent World Federalists. He also identifies several of these prominent individuals, and briefly describes features each wishes to build into a prospective global framework. The reader will note that some of the mentioned features, such as abolishing "national monetarism and national political parties," clearly might conflict with the contest's fundamental goal -- a broadly acceptable transition with minimal opposition.