Home Rule Globally


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Aspirations of Home Rule Globally

HRG's goal is sustainable justice, globally, by decentralized world federalism. This particular essay is focused on how to bring it about in a democratic, peaceful way. HRG's recommended approach -- world federation based on the principle of subsidiarity -- assures the continuing role of nation states and advances the principle of appropriate decentralization to regional and local governments as well.

Recognizing that existing political and economic establishments are firmly in control, the discussion suggests the best way to promote HRG's goal is to publicize the message that a decentralized model for government from global to local levels will not undermine establishment interests, and is less risky than current international norms of ruthless competition, oppression, revolution,.and war, especially when weapons of mass destruction may fall into the hands of the disgruntled, tyrants, and fanatics.

This paper discusses a hypothetical contest to select a world federalist constitution. To win the contest a proposal would need endorsement by a sufficient number of the world's nations. A key aspect of the contest would be to focus public attention on the issue. Various rules and standards for the contest are set forth, illustrating the need for careful planning by dedicated and principled individuals so as to assure the contest's credibility. Ewbank develops a vocabulary of terms and acronyms ("Galakzian", "TP", "CAFW"...etc) which make a barrier to quick reading, but when read carefully help build an example of a promotional instrument that could be effective in a time of uncertainty and prospective transition, such as prevailed at the end of WWII when the UN was proposed and brought into being.