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Will Authority Flow Up? or Down?

The principle of subsidiarity states that a matter of public concern ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralized authority capable of addressing that matter effectively. A global federation based on this principle, vesting authority as close to "home" as reasonably possible, should generate grass-roots support, and "de-demonize" fears of domination by a global authority. On the other hand, a prospective world federation that centralizes tremendous power and large budgets at the global level is unlikely to come about because that approach would threaten the self-interest of the nations of the world.

Every proposed model of world federation will imply some reshuffling of power relationships, both upward and downward. Inasmuch as a proposed reshuffle is perceived as enhancing the sovereignty and independence of every entity in the worldwide local, state and national hierarchy, such perceptions should significantly enhance that model's chance of real-world adoption.