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Simulating World Parliament

This article discusses two ways of play-acting or "simulating" what a world government would be like. These two approaches exemplify how groups of interested people might try to anticipate what would come out of a global constitutional convention or other legitimate global political organizing process. These scenarios are offered to stimulate readers to imagine how to educate the public about ways to solve problems that are global in scope..

  - The first approach contemplates discussion groups with self-imposed rules to ensure fair debates and educated opinions. Ewbank calls these groups "talking circles".
  - The second approach would set up a pretend world parliament where participants would "be empowered to write proposed laws, regulations, proposals for constitutions, plausible amendments to constitutions (and) ...express their preferences concerning what (to) develop as important legislative issues."

Ewbank emphasizes that efforts to organize these simulations should be conducted by volunteers characterized by "desire for individual integrity, sense of fairness, and (recognition of) the need for action now to prepare humanity for greater justice in the future."