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Sponsorship of General Assembly Resolution

This document is written in loose legalese as a model form for use by a nation when endorsing a constitutional proposal entered in the prospective contest to evaluate a series of proposals for Federal World Government. A winner will emerge when some proposal meets the requirement for a certain pre- set number of national endorsements. One of the features of this contest, known by its acronym "CAWF" (Contest Appraising World Federation) is that it would almost certainly be won by a proposal for decentralized federalism because endorsements will be made by national rulers who likely would not want to undermine their own status, and in fact would be unlikely to endorse a proposal unless it strengthened or secured their status as independent nations in some meaningful way.

While this document serves its purpose as an illustrative legal form, it merely models the style we think of as "legalese" -- with a series of "Whereas-es" -- and is not intended bo be a carefully vetted form for the designated purpose.