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Liberating Each Century

One difficulty facing a world government is the necessity of making itself acceptable to the world's religions, some of which are closely tied to the political institutions of the countries where they are entrenched. This suggests the need for some universally acceptable way to charter global government without casting it in some permanent mold that would contradict the long term aspirations of various religions.

Closer scrutiny of the issue shows that church and state relationships evolve over time. Actually, virtually all institutions need to evolve over time in response to the changing realities of the societies they serve. Consequently it would be unrealistic to expect that any constitution could serve indefinitely as the model for how global government should work. Accordingly, Ewbank suggests that any constitution should incorporate a sunset time limit, say 100 years. He proposes the slogan "liberating each century" for a process of selelcting a constitution during the last decade of each century only intended to apply to the forthcoming calendar century.