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The Ideas of Germaine Dufour

  This is a comparison of the views of Germain Dufour, a Canadian world federalist, with John Ewbank's on certain issues. For example: both of them felt George Bush should be arrested for crimes against humanity. Another example: they differ on how public spaces known as "commons" should be owned and cared for -- Dufour favored broad or universal public ownership while Ewbank felt Dufour's approach would be a formula for neglect, opening the way to exploitation by opportunists; and instead favored dividing the whole earth, including the "commons" into jurisdictions +/or plots whose inhabitants would serve their self-interest by responsible stewardship.
  Dufour is the founder and principal of "the Global Community." Its website's main page is: http://globalcommunitywebnet.com/globalcommunity/index.html