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      Abstract of -
Ewbank's Report from the 2nd
    North American Secessionist Convention
    held Oct 3-4, 2007 in Chattanooga, TN

  This event was remarkable because it united anti-authoritarian leftists from the north and disgruntled right-wingers from the south, as well as diverse secessionists from all over the country. Their unity was enshrined in the closing document, which said: "The deepest questions of human liberty and government facing our time …have  made the old left-right split meaningless and dead… The American Empire is no longer a nation or a republic but has become a tyrant aggressive abroad and despotic at home… The States of the American union are and of right ought to be, free and self-governing.”
  The litany of particulars include the American empire's war in Iraq, its corrupt and beholden legislatures, its invasion of privacy with the tools of repression, its repeated interference in state and local affairs, its quasi-fascistic affiliation of big business and big government, and its enhancement of the dangerous power of international corporations.
  Did this Secessionist Convention represent extremists and crazies from the fringes of the political spectrum? Consider the survey that Ewbank quotes: …a poll …taken …by the Opinion Research Corporation and broadcast by CNN on October 23, 2006 …found that 71 percent of Americans agreed that “our system of government is broken and cannot be fixed,” and another 7 percent agreed it was broken but “hoped” it could be fixed.