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Gentle Voluntarism Could Unite the World

This essay describes a method for launching a "Supra-National Emancipating Federation" that would cater to the self-interest of existing nations, even powerful and dominant ones. Essential details of this Federation would be worked out in a contest among competing Constitutional proposals. The guiding assumption is that the contest should be squeaky clean, free of political pressure and conducted by self-financed volunteers working to draft up Constitutional proposals designed to appeal to nations and voting individuals alike. The most popular of these would win the contest. For the contest to succeed, existing political establishments must be able to calculate that the risks of living with its outcome are likely to be less than the risks of prolonging the status quo.

Ewbank's illustrative method, a "Contest Appraising Voluntary Emancipating World Government," calls for grass roots origins to the various proposals to be entered in the contest. At the outset, nations and their populations can be expected to be skeptical about global federation. To reverse this skepticism Ewbank assumes that the contest will function as a gigantic educational and promotional campaign. Many tools of public relations and commercial advertizing would likely be employed. In order to enter the contest a proposal would need to achieve "Credibility Status" by garnering some specified critical mass of support. Up to that point its sponsors would be risking their own funds, but thereafter promotional disbursements within guideline limits would be reimbursed by the eventual global federation, even if the proposal lost the contest.

In addition to reimbursing contest expenses, Ewbank suggests the eventual federation would pay other birthing costs such as: [a] underemployment compensation to all entities adversely affected by federalization; [b] compensation to nations for any facilities transferred to global administration; and [c] reimbursement of expenses to cover any other disruptive transitions that occur.

Ideally, any opponents to the winning proposal should be fully persuaded that they were fairly defeated in the contest. Federalization resulting from any conspiracy could not long endure. To achieve global support, the contest, and the campaign to publicize it, should have a level of transparency and honesty completely unprecedented by traditional political campaigns or typical international treaty negotiations.